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Elite Flow

EliteFlow is a full decision supporting model that offers optimal collaboration throughout your value chain, increasing agility while reducing risk.

Value is added across the entire supply chain enabling alignment of collaborative actions in

  • forecasting & planning
  • materials requirement planning
  • finite capacity resource planning
  • preliminary and fixed order pegging with frozen horizon
  • optimal replenishment

Eliteflow leads to a gradual reduction of intermediate stocks and handling costs generating savings on working capital with improved agility.
The solution offers a real-time cockpit view 24/7 with pro-active alerts, constantly and automatically reassessing the optimal workflows. All suggestions or decisions are based on your business rules and your customers’ and supplier’s behavior in real time, enabling you to react very fast to changes.

Eliteflow is in fact your GPS throughout your supply chain from end to end. The optimal solutions and routings are recalculated in real-time and alternative routes will be suggested.

The EliteFlow solution even goes one step further, allowing you to simulate the effects each possible scenario would have on the rest of your value chain.

Using the EliteFlow solution you can be certain that you are making the right choices for your business.