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Our team of experienced supply chain consultants have deep industry and functional expertise and have designed and implemented numerous supply chain solutions in some of the world’s leading companies.  We offer a full range of supply chain consulting and implementation services that are selected for development based on individual client requirements and proven best practices.

Logistics process analysis & (re) design

Our dedicated team of experts helps companies, big and small, to develop best practices to realize more efficient and effective supply chains.  We can evaluate how processes in the supply chain interact with all logistical operations and can suggest process improvements such as :

  • Identification and elimination of non- value adding activities
  • Assigning process ownership to the right function
  • Enabling integration of technology for better performance
  • Setting up performance indicators that matter to your supply chain
  • Achieve tighter control over your supply chain by creating visibility
  • Process alignment to achieve strategic goals with improved customer satisfaction

As a consequence costs are lowered throughout the chain, throughout efficiency will be increased, and bottlenecks removed.  Your total supply chain will be responsive to your customer requirements.

Training sessions & workshops

Elite is a large group of professionals who are real experts in their field.  We enjoy passing on our know-how.  Elite organizes all kinds of training sessions and workshops (inco terms/letter of credit documentation/…). As you seek to expand your business by penetrating into new global markets, Elite is also able to carry out feasibility studies and advise you accordingly based on our experience and expert foresight.

Sustainability improvement programs

In line with being environmentally responsible, many of our business partners are seeking to incorporate reusable resources into their supply chain processes on top of implementing the best, most economical practices.

In this aspect, Elite provides sustainability improvement programs such as shifts toward ‘greener’ transport modes and improvement of vehicle planning and utilization. To enable you to measure and manage your logistics carbon footprint we deliver CO2-emission reports on performed transports for Carbon footprint quantification and analysis.