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Our business process management services offer our customers a complete one-stop solution. As a global logistics provider, you have the full advantage of our expertise and services, which cover all aspects of logistics planning, supply chain execution and control from point of origin to point of consumption. This allows you to spend time and resources on your area of core competence, turning your logistics operations into a competitive advantage. Below are just a few examples of specialized activities out of our broad supply of management services.

Shipment management

Freight forwarding is our core service. We move cargo for export, import and cross trades under the most optimal and efficient method in global logistics today.

Documentation management

We do not only handle shipping documentation. You can also count on us to assist in the preparation, application and submission of all necessary trade documents.

We know our way around Chamber of Commerce and ministries and help you to take care of the entire process of document authentication and legalization.

We have vast experience in Letter of Credit documentation, from performing a review of the terms & conditions of the L/C to ensure its full compliance with all commercial agreements (related to transportation & documentation) to the final presentation of all required documentation to the bank.

Freight procurement management

Choice of vendors and their compliance with your requirements are of vital importance. They help you to ensure that your products reach their end destination in a timely manner.
We provide a wide range of services, from allocation management and performance monitoring to complete procurement outsourcing.

Fleet management

Elite’s fleet management system controls and manages your entire fleet around the world. Not only will you have full visibility & control of your equipment and floating stock, Elite also coordinates between all parties involved. We provide detailed KPI reporting on transit times, delays, utilization level, cleaning turnaround times etc. …