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We will always maintain the highest level of ethics and integrity in everything we do. Our partnerships are based on that. Our reputation is our most valuable asset, we do everything to make sure we continually earn that trust.

We strongly believe that a mutually strong relationship with our vendors will strengthen our company’s overall performance.

The satisfaction of our customers is a commitment that we make. We have implemented a quality management system which we regularly review by analysis and measurement.

The foundation for ‘quality’ are the people working at our company. We are committed to a supportive work environment where employees have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

We take our responsibility to comply with laws and regulations very seriously. Elite staff are well trained to comply with applicable legal requirements and prohibitions.

We embrace innovation.

Our (chemical) heritage provides advanced QEHS skills, knowledge and processes. Ensuring and improving the quality and environmental compatibility of our services is the prime objective of the Elite network.